About us

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m a Washington area blogger of 9 years! My blog is a way of sharing my “gems” with others- I love beauty products that work, practicing mindfulness, relaxing, working from home, and leading a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. I love all things girly. I’ve been a total makeup snob my whole life. If it’s high end beauty, I probably like it! I love to read, and will choose a book over TV any day. I have a husband and three daughters who I love more than anything. Occasionally I write about them, but keeping this blog is my escape (from them) and hauling my family around to take curated pictures of us for the ‘gram makes them stabby (though I would love it). Unfortunately, Chad doesn’t enjoy the Instagram husband life, and my kids look like heathens in pictures unless they are bribed with copious amounts of candy, so if we’re keeping it real, I don’t have a ton of pics of them on here. I don’t really care about the highlight reel so if you wanted to view a perfectly filtered feed of freshly washed children and happy smiling parents wearing matching clothing, you should definitely find another blog to follow!  

I wish you the courage to be vulnerable, the self-love to recognize your beauty whether you look in your heart or in the mirror, the peace to be content with you have, and the curiosity to pursue the dreams that live in your soul.

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