We can send all the resources we want, but there is something really special about getting to visit the believers that we have been investing in for the last year.

   Two of our staff traveled into a neighboring closed country for a week - they taught on the topic of "Biblical families" at a church and also at a small Bible school. They gave instruction on how a Father can really love his wife well and also help guide his children through their developmental years.

   Toward the end of the week, one wife approached us and thanked us "for giving her a new husband".



   There is a large group of tribal believers that live within Thailand as well as two other neighboring countries. These people want to know more about this Jesus that saved them, but have neither written materials in their language nor money to travel to a Bible School.

   We already had a set of 10 books printed in Thai that help someone understand the flow of the Bible. We hired a local believer to translate them to this tribal language so these people too could grow in Christ! Now there are hundreds of tribal believers that have access to these books. As a result, they will understand the purpose of Bible, the way that Jesus pursued us from the very beginning, and how they can pass on these incredible Truths to others.



   We connected with a village of farmers in a neighboring country. They were growing opium illegally and had no other means of providing for their day-to-day needs. Our local team leader, "J" spoke with the village headman and asked if he would consider growing coffee instead. The headman agreed to it, so we purchased 10,000 coffee plants for them to begin growing.

   When our local team leader traveled out there to teach them how to grow the coffee (as he grows coffee himself), one of the men asked him why he would consider doing this for them. "J" replied, "Someone has been generous with me and I would love to be generous with you too.

   ""J" plans to travel out there again in 2017 with plans of sharing about the One who can give them something that will blow their minds, more than opium ever could.



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